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End Time Strategies of the Enemy: Chapter 1

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End Time Distractions

More often than not, it has occurred that when you are at your most focused, most committed, and most passionate state for God; when you are about to receive a reward, or accomplish a goal, achieve a purpose, reach a destination, or obtain a breakthrough… All of a sudden…! Something happens that brings it all to an abrupt stop and prevents you from attaining that which you most desire. Perhaps it’s occurred that a small, unforeseen distraction suddenly tears down everything that took you so many days, months, and even years to build up. All in an instant. Though they seem like simple coincidences, we as Christians should recognize that these are actually meticulous strategies from the enemy. Precisely, distractions are the devil’s most commonly used weapon against the people of God. The enemy fights with all his strength to distract us, in order to cut our divine purpose short, prevent us from having access to the revelation and supernatural power of God, and keep us from being spiritually equipped for the end times.

Much of the church has fallen into distraction’s trap. It explains why many of them do not go out to preach the word of the kingdom or to announce the second coming of Christ. They are distracted. They have lost the conviction of who they are in Christ, of their calling, purpose, assignment, and goals. They have fallen into the enemy’s favorite ruse. Satan is doing everything possible to delay the second coming of Christ, because he knows that when that time comes, his time will be up, his judgment will be completed, and his final condemnation will come (see Revelation 20:10).

Distraction is the principal tool of the enemy in the end time.

The enemy uses distractions to wear us down and lead us to abandon the “battlefield.” He repeats this strategy over and over again, because he knows that humans tend to give up easily before a prolonged or repetitive situation. On the other hand, if you persevere and do not allow yourself to be overcome, the adversary will be the one giving up. It is important to know that the enemy will always use something that attracts or tempts you; because the key to these distractions is to take advantage of a weakness of yours. That is why distractions move and divert you so easily, because it is customized specifically for you.

A distraction is anything that comes to divert our attention from the destiny, goal, calling, and purpose that God has for us. It is a strategy of the enemy created to have us constantly going in circles in the same place. Distractions usually appear in the form of people, things, places, new goals, problems, and even as seeming but deceptive blessings. Not everything that seems to be good is actually good for you. What is truly good for us is that which contributes to the advancement and accomplishment of our purpose. It’s not always easy to identify what is distracting us, which is why we need to be alert, remain focused on the goal, and know that we are doing the perfect will of God.


The purpose of distractions:

As we have seen, any distraction is intended to prevent the attainment of a goal, the promise of God to be received, or a destiny to be fulfilled. On a larger scale, distractions will always come so that Christians do not fulfill the purpose of God on earth. It is true that the enemy is an expert in distracting us; but, however tempting his offers seem to be, we have the supernatural capacity to resist. If we take our eyes off of the goal, even if just for a moment, we run the risk of taking the wrong steps and, ultimately, losing the objective.

We know that nothing can distract God. That is why the author of the letter written to the Philippian church wrote: “being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6). Jesus Christ received the revelation of His purpose on the earth, and remained focused from beginning to end, because He knew that if he did not do it, He wouldn’t be able to fulfill the Father’s will.


Consequences of distractions:

As a result of separating or diverting our sight from the main goal and fixing it instead on distractions, there are numerous consequences. Among others, we can mention the following:

● We lose focus

● We delay progress

● We become unproductive

● Our strength dissipates

● Prevents us from committing ourselves

● It does not allow to reach what has been promised to us

● Distances us from fulfilling our purpose and calling

● Leads us to live like vagabonds; that is, like someone that has lost their place in God and, for the most part, lives in an endless desert.

Distractions work in immature people and those that lack spiritual discernment. 


How to refocus:

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You can read more on the strategies the enemy uses against us in Apostle Guillermo Maldonado’s new book – HERE.


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El Rey Jesus public message boards, this information may be collected and used by others. Note: Ministerio Internacional

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