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Can You Answer These Four Crucial Questions?

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One of the biggest problems many people face today is not a lack of time, although they may think that’s the issue. Rather, it is the exhaustion and emptiness they feel—even after working hard and being involved in many activities and tasks—because they don’t have a clear direction in life or know what they really want to achieve.

Every human being wants to know the purpose for their existence. In fact, there are four main questions that all we seek to answer for our lives: (1) “Who am I?” This is a question of identity. (2) “Where do I come from?” This is a question of origin. (3) “Why am I here?” This is a question of purpose. (4) “Where am I going?” This is a question of destiny. We will experience genuine fulfillment when we find the answers to these crucial questions. And the only one who can reveal the answers to us is our Creator.

When we don’t know our purpose, it is like trying to push against the heavy waves of the sea or like walking around aimlessly—we never get anywhere. 

Sadly, a large percentage of men and women die without understanding why God created them or discovering their purpose on earth. When our lives lack meaning, time itself can become a difficult burden to carry. In contrast, those who know their purpose walk safely through life and are even pursued by success. When I refer to “success,” I do not necessarily mean achieving fame or becoming rich, especially since both of these conditions tend to occupy the lowest rungs on the happiness scale. True success comes from doing the will of God and fulfilling the purpose for which we were created. Everything else is extra.

Successful people conquer kingdoms, create nations, and shape history. History does not make them; on the contrary, they make history. When any person dares to think and live differently from the norm, obeying God and following His purposes, they will leave their own mark on the world. If you want to influence the history of your life and that of your family, your city, and even your nation, you must realize that you have been created for purpose.


God Created Everything with Purpose

People who lack purpose often do not understand or accept themselves, so they end up competing with those around them. They will try to imitate someone else’s appearance, seek to take the place that belongs to another, or attempt to steal the blessings that have been poured out on others. Such competition arises from a missing sense of identity and an ignorance of the fact that each individual has a distinct purpose in life. Those who do not know their purpose will always be insecure.

God has a purpose for everyone and everything He created. We can define purpose as “the original intent or reason for which something was created.” In the case of human beings, our purpose is the original intent of God—His determination and desire for us when He gave us life. When I refer to our “creation” by God, I am not talking primarily about our earthly birth, but rather our design by Him in eternity, outside of the kronos, or chronological time, that we function under in the world.

Contrary to what many people think, life begins in heaven, not on earth. God designed us in heavenly places before we came to live on the earth. Since everything in God begins with His original intention, we were a fully formed idea in His mind before we ever received our physical bodies. Therefore, we can say that, before we are born, we already “are”—and we have already been given a unique purpose by our Creator.


Purpose Gives Significance

Purpose gives our lives significance because, once we follow it, we begin to make a difference in the world. Without purpose, our day-to-day life lacks meaning; it becomes merely the passage of time. In effect, those who live without knowing their purpose act irresponsibly because they do not know how to properly value their life, and they end up wasting it. This is the reason why many people are unhappy, dissatisfied, empty, unfocused, depressed, and alone.

Furthermore, God has given each human being a period of time to fulfill their purpose on earth. That is why it is necessary for us to understand and start to follow that purpose as soon as possible. We cannot waste time! We must live with a clear and defined mission for our lives. The Bible states, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:1). It is time to discover your purpose and begin to achieve it!


You are no accident. Your presence on this earth is not a mistake. Neither is it insignificant. On the contrary, you are wanted here—and needed!

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El Rey Jesus public message boards, this information may be collected and used by others. Note: Ministerio Internacional

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El Rey Jesus public message boards, this information may be collected and used by others. Note: Ministerio Internacional

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