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4 Principles for Receiving Immediate Answers to Your Prayer

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If God always hears and answers our prayers, why have certain prayers not yet been answered? The Bible teaches that, in heaven, there are “golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints [believers]” (Rev. 5:8). These bowls have not yet been poured out on the earth in a visible or tangible manifestation of the answers. The bowls contain the prayers of the apostles, prophets and pastors, along with the prayers of multitudes of believers over the centuries—including you.

In these end times, there will be an acceleration in spiritual matters, so that all prayers will be answered, because God doesn’t leave any prayers unanswered. To become aligned with God’s purposes and receive immediate and accelerated answers to prayer, we need to know—and act on—the revelation contained in the following four principles of God’s will.


  1. Know the Will of God

The more precise we are with our prayers, the quicker the answers will come. That precision will always depend on our knowledge of the will of God. If God hears everything we ask “according to His will” (1 John 5:14), then the key to making a precise prayer and obtaining an immediate answer is to know His will. Faith is “now,” but whoever doesn’t know the will of God will usually position their faith in the future and not in the present, with the result that the answers to their prayers will be delayed.

To know God’s will, we must walk with Him daily, dedicating time for intimacy with Him through prayer, as well as for reading and studying His Word. We must also renew our mind (see Rom. 12:1–2.) The knowledge of His will progresses in the same measure that the renewing of our mind advances.


  1. Be in—and Remain in—the Will of God

Knowing the will of God is one thing, but remaining firm in it is another. Jesus said, “If you remain in Me, and My words remain in you, you will ask whatever you desire, and it shall be done for you” (John 15:7). To remain in the Lord is to walk in His will. To do this, it is necessary to abandon ourselves completely to Him, allowing Him to work in all His fullness.

Do you know the will of God for your personal life? Your ministry? Your career? Do you know who you are in God, and what you should do on His behalf? There is power in communion and relationship with the God of heaven, because it is in that fellowship that He shares His image and glory with us. There, we can see His face and see ourselves in Him, as in a mirror. There, we come to know Him and understand His eternal will.


  1. Do the Will of God

It is not enough to know the will of God; it is necessary to do it. If we don’t act on it, we will become merely “religious” and our faith will fade, no matter how much knowledge we have. When we do His will, we are synchronized with the rhythm of faith. “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God” (Rom. 10:17)—but we see the manifestation of our faith by acting on what we have heard from God. When someone doesn’t act according to the spiritual knowledge they have received or learned, the devil comes and makes them doubt, and the rhythm of faith is lost. Jesus persevered in doing the will of the Father; in fact, the Father’s will was His daily food, as He Himself said (see John 4:34).


  1. Speak According to the Will of God

Speaking the will of God refers to declaring and decreeing His will, which is the same as giving spiritual commands. If we know God, His will has been revealed to us, and if we remain in His will and act on it, then when we speak, His answer will be immediate.

When Jesus performed miracles, He didn’t pray and ask God to heal the sick; instead, He declared, “Be healed!” or “Rise up and walk!” When we are living in unity with God’s will and we declare something, it is as if God Himself is speaking, because we decree on His behalf, with His authority and from His identity.

If your life is aligned with these four principles of God’s will, you are synchronized with the supernatural and you have access to the power and authority of God. You now have the same power that Jesus had when He was on earth, in order to act in His name. There won’t be any obstacles to receiving answers to your prayers. There will be a complete flow of the supernatural that will bring the fulfillment of the Father’s will in each situation.

Today is the day that your prayer life goes to another dimension; it accelerates and moves “from faith to faith” (Rom. 1:17) and from answer to answer.


Edited excerpt from Breakthrough Prayer, © 2018 by Guillermo Maldonado, published by Whitaker House. Used with permission.


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